Pricing for Basic Residential Evictions
My basic fee* covers all necessary court appearances in a basic residential forcible entry and detainer case (court costs and fees are not included). The initial consultation is always free.
Basic Eviction in Chicago

  • Drafting and filing of all court documents.
  • Unlimited courtroom appearances through bench or jury trial.*

Basic Eviction in DuPage and Cook Counties (Outside of Chicago)

  • Drafting and filing of all court documents.
  • Unlimited courtroom appearances through  bench or jury trial.*

*This fee does not include court filing fees, Sheriff fees, service fees, and other necessary court costs. Please contact me for a free estimate.

The Eviction Process
Draft and File Documents
Serve the Summons
We Represent You in Court
  1. Consultation: I will gather information about your tenants and your property and discuss our strategy.
  2. Draft and File Documents: I will prepare the necessary forms and file them in the correct jurisdiction to begin the eviction lawsuit.
  3. Serve the Summons: I will work closely with a professional process server to get the tenants served with the complaint.
  4. Court Representation: I will be your advocate in court and fight for your rights.
  5. Enforcement: Once we have received your Eviction Order from the Court, I will place it with the Sheriff, who will then remove the tenants from your property.
How We Have Helped Our Clients
Latest news
You can’t evict me! I filed for bankruptcy!

Landlords often hear this upon serving an eviction notice. Tenants who are behind on rent payments are often under severe financial pressure, and it is quite common for such tenants to seek protection from the bankruptcy courts. In some cases, tenants also see bankruptcy law as a way to delay or avoid eviction.   But although […]

Winter Eviction? No Reason to Wait!

I hear this from new clients all winter long: “my tenant told me I can’t evict them because it’s winter!”  Nonsense!  You absolutely can file an eviction action any time of year, regardless of the season. The confusion seems to arise from the so-called “winter moratorium” on enforcement of orders for possession. The Circuit Court of […]

2016 CVLS Distinguished Service Award for Pro Bono Work On Behalf of the Chicago Volunteer Legal Services Organization

“Evan represented a landlord desperate to evict a dangerous tenant who was threatening him. Evan got the Order of Possession entered, helping the client through to the sheriff’s eviction. Then he advised her to change locks and gave her advice about future rentals. His most recent case was a simple bankruptcy for a young client […]